Monitoring a Gas Stove?

Does anyone know of a way to monitor a gas stove? Would like to alert if it’s been on for more than an hour. I’ve seen some other posts on monitor electric stoves, but, obviously, those wouldn’t apply in this situation.


I know theres an expansive zwave gas valve that turns it on and off. Not sure if it monitors gas flow.

Other solution could be a heat sensor, but then it only works if you have the fire turned on. What if it’s leaking? A gas sensor that detects that?

Is there a on/off light on the stove? If so, you could set it to trigger on that light.

Or use a door/window lock sensor when a knob is turned, that it knows it’s “on”.

Ow and just searched google. Check this out xD

Thermal switch and connect its output to the device of your choice (Sonoff, ESPHome, etc.). Place thermal switch in common location which warms up when the stove is in use. Or use several of them in series.

Are you sure that shouldn’t be parallel?

I like to use NC switches because it makes it easier to find faults.

Does anyone know if there’s something like this for gas instead of water?