Monitoring Co2 amount using CSS811 sensor, and home assistant OS

Hi, I have to do a project for college, and I need to measure the amount of Co2 by using a CSS811 sensor, and I have to connect it directly to my rpi400, and measure the data with home assistant, I already installed home assistant os in the rpi, and welded the sensor to some dupont connections, and I`m trying to connect the sensor to the rpi and start measuring in home assistant, but I do not know how to continue, I have been stuck on this step for a long time, does anyone know how to connect and recognice the sensor on the home assistant interface?.

AFAIK official support for GPIO was dropped from Ha(OS). You might want to check out HACS

Ok, I`ll download HACS, but how do you get the sensor running with HACS?.

Good question. No idea. But “general” GPIO support should be available through a HACS integration AFAIK.

Probably more straight forward would be to invest $3 for a esp and hook it to your ccs811.

So I finally installed Hacs, and I also added the gpio integration, but I searched and saw that this doesn´t support normal sensors, the only sensor it supports is binary sensor, do you know any other way of getting my sensor up and working using hacs?