Monitoring our solar installation

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After installing a new solar panel, regulator and some modern lithium batteries on our cabin, I wanted to see if I could monitor these remotely. They all had a silly “app” that could be used to read BLE-data from the devices, but since they are located in a remote location, that did not really work. I started by installing a cheap android tablet and trying to pull the data by grabbing screenshots and using Tasker, I gave up, and started from scratch by setting up an RPI and starting to reverse engieneer the apps, and protocols they used.

After some months, I now have a working setup, where data is passively monitoried by BLE and GATT, and sent to my Home Assistant over MQTT.

The service currently support the following BLE-devices:

Data can be sent using either MQTT or JSON

Please don’t hesitate to fork it or send PRs if you want to have more devices supported.

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