Monitoring smartphone battery level


Sometimes my phone battery is discharing very fast because some applications are open.
I would like a script that monitor the speed of battery discharing and send me a message when it is too fast so I can close applications or use energy protection mode.

Thanks for your help.

You can get the battery level from the Companion app, and then use a derivative sensor to see the speed with which it decreases. Once you have that, it is a simple automation with a numerical state trigger to check for a certain low derivative level.

You might want to use it in combination with a check if the screen is active, because usually that is among the biggest power drains.

Could be useless if a monitored entity’s state is not changing or not updated.

Thanks for mentioning the possible problems with derivative. I thought I had in my previous post, but somehow I didn’t. The irony is, I’m the OP for the github bug report :slight_smile:

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