Monitors Kids fire tablets

Hi All,

is there a way to monitor a kids fire tablet, especially battery life, and if it is charging?

am getting moaned at by 6yo that he is not being told he forgot it and its not plugged in!!!

Many thanks in advance

Should be possible to install the home assistant app… And with this app you can monitor all sensor values including the battery.
Didn’t tested it for myself, but I will also check if it’s possible…

i think i tried this but couldn’t get it to run in the background on the non-adult account.

but i will have a try tomorrow, thank you

a fairly indirect way that is likely over the top for you, but may be of interest…

set up the child account to do location sharing on google maps

this will then allow you to track the location and the current battery status.

use an automation to then report on the the battery - example at Howto create battery alert without creating a template for every device

You should be able to install Traccar. With that, you then should be able to get battery life as well as device location… it should be a little lighter than installing full HA on the device…