Monoprice 6 Zone with Sonos Port

Hello All,

I was hoping to get some help from you all. I just recently purchased a house and I installed a bunch on in-ceiling speakers. I also have some existing Sonos speakers and just recently purchased the Monoprice 6 zone amplifier. I was wondering if i can use the Sonos Port plugged into the Monoprice 6 zone amplifier and control both my Sonos speakers and my in-ceiling speakers through HA. Does anyone know if this is possible? Any help would be greatly appreciated!

I can confirm you can control the Monoprice Amp with Home Assistant. you just require a Serial to USB cable. And I am pretty sure you can control your Sonos speakers as well. Not sure what your thoughts are about plugging on into the other.

The Monoprice Amp requires an audio source. I currently use solutions such as a old Apple WIFi device which supports Airplay and I also have support for Bluetooth.