Monoprice Media Player artwork, I thought this might work...and it sorta does...but I need help

I have a media_player called media_player.picoreplayer2 which can stream Spotify music and it can display the artwork.

However, this device is not the amplifier. The amplifier is a Monoprice 6 Zone amplifier, which creates 6 of its own “media_player” entities.

The source (Picore) is set to a constant volume, and then we control each zone’s volume using the monoprice media players.

Here’s the problem. The monoprice media players don’t display the artwork from the source player. I suppose it would be less confusing if the monoprice entities weren’t called media players and were actually “channels” or something of that nature.

Anyway, I tested adding a custom attribute to one of the monoprice zones called entity_picture just like the Picoreplayer has. When HA boots up, this attribute is now listed under the monoprice entity, and if I manually change the state and add the URL for the artwork from the Picore player, it actually changes the generic media player to show the artwork in the UI, but the state doesn’t persist, and a few seconds after updating the monoprice zone player, the attribute blanks out and the image disappears, which tells me there must be some sort of state polling going on with that monoprice zone.

I was hoping to create an automation that would cause the monoprice zone to adopt the artwork of its source media player by simply copying the url from the picore picture_entity attribute.

Is there a way to lock in the attribute change for the monoprice media_player?

Have you played with universal media player?

No, but I have managed to make forward progress with the mini-media-player, where I can use card_mod to template the background: url from the entity_picture attribute from the picore player. I can’t seem to get the mini-media-player to take on the size of the background though, so it’s cropped in the player.