Monoprice RGB ZWave Bulb Brightness and Control

I picked up a Monoprice Zwave RGB bulb as a test for a floor lamp on a dumb switch. I managed to get it to pair up ‘properly’ on the 2nd go around adding it as a secure node. Prior to this, it was not showing the color change options. The issues I am having is it is not very bright at all. Says it is supposed to be 600 lumens but does not match output of 600 lumen (dumb) bulb I have from IKEA. I am trying to determine if this is an issue with HA or not.

I have brightness set to max, however if I try to raise the color temp all the way to the right, it does not change beyond a specific ‘white’. Seems that anything above the white really does not do much. In fact, if you set it to the middle, the bulb actually dims despite brightness at 255. I thought perhaps the kelvin was off so I figured out how to go into dev tools > services and setting kelvin in there. Seems to only go down to like 3500. I am ok with the color if I can get the bulb brighter. So I guess the question, is this a HA problem as far as the configuration or control issues or is this just sort of a crappy bulb? They are pretty expensive and I have two lamps in my living room. But I don’t think two will light the room properly compared to the current bulbs. Am I missing some part of setting this up?