Monoprice RGBW zwave controller - looking for hardware xml

I’ve been starting to play with RGBW zwave controllers for LED strip lights.
Recently (today) got my monoprice controller

paired it up with my zwave2mqtt docker (running OZW 1.6), but this device does not have a manufacturer specific xml file. So I’m looking for one.

anyone out there have an xml file for this little guy?
(and yes, I have also sent an email off to monoprice tech support asking the same)

Interestingly, the device identifies itself like this:
Unknown: type=0003, id=000b (Unknown: id=0068)

manufacturer id 0068 in the manufacturer_specific.xml file is

monoprice has a listing

but that’s not what the device identifies as.

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as suspected, i think this is identical (other than color) to the Qubino RGB controller.

looking at the config sheet which comes from monoprice, and comparing it to the qubino xml file, all the settings are identical.

SO… just added this to manufacturer_specific.xml :slight_smile:

(I put it under Good Way, as that is what the hardware identifies itself as…) and just pointed it to the qubino xml file.

  <Manufacturer id="0068" name="Good Way Technology Co. Ltd"></Manufacturer>
    <Product config="qubino/ZMNHWD1.xml" id="000b" name="Monoprice RGBW Dimmer" type="0003"/>

I haven’t plugged it back in to test yet, but i am fairly confident it should work just fine.

Any update on this? Thinking of ordering one.

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