Monsieur Cuisine Smart

Hi! Silvercrest’s new Monsieur Cuisine Smart has just been launched on the market!
However, I would like to integrate this system into homeassistant.

It´s possible? Anyone have one and make a few progress or a development project?
This thing have google assistant, so, in principle, works with home assistant, right?

See the video here:



Would definitely be interested in the same thing !
Would be awesome to be able to link with Home Assistant’s shopping list at least for me.

If anyone is working on it, I’m a developer, and I’m willing to help, have no experience in those things, but feel like I could learn fast with a project started and the added motivation !


I am also very interested in the integration of this device. I found a website here that has some information about how communication works:


Have you tried to access the api endpoints described in the article? Would be nice to know what kind of information they provide or even allow basic control of the device.

does anyone know if this Monsieur Cuisine Smart will work in the USA where we have 110 Volts of power and not 220 volts? Keen to buy this unit from Spain but unsure if this will work or not

I’m interested in that integration. +1

I’m interested in that integration. +1

I would be interested too! +1

I’m interested in that integration. +1

I’m interested too. +1

+1. Interested.

+1 interested!

Check this out! @depau managed to root this device eventually.
Here’s the GitHub issue thread that just got revived:

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+1 Interested