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Moode audio intergration

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I have a few Raspberry Pis running moode audio player around my house and would like to integrate some kind of player card into my Home Assistant setup.

Has any one here used moode audio? Any success with using alongside HA?

I should think the Volumio component is fairly similar - just can’t face reverting back to Volumio after using Moode



Doing a quick search, it seems that Moodeaudio can work with LMS Logitech Media Server, activating “squeezelite renderer” in Moode. There is a component for Squeezebox in HA.


Thanks - I tried this one but it didn’t detect the players on my network


I’m using PiCorePlayer which is similar to Moode, use LMS server and multple Pi’s - It all works great, including multi room audio :slight_smile:


I believe Moode is based on Music Player Dameon and should work with the below component.

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I tryed PiCorePlayer, but it only works if they are ON when HA starts. They are not recognized when they are switched On. And this behavior is pretty annoying, since I have to restart HA now and then. It appears that there is a workaround for this, but it’s not trivial.


that worked perfectly - thank you.

how can I add the controls (volume control, source etc) from the screenshot onto the main card - also displaying the current playlist below? do I need to make a ui-lovelace.yaml for the mpd platform?


It would be nice to know if your Moodeaudio player (with MPD component) can be detected by HA when it is turned on. It seems that Moode can also interface with Logitech Media Server.


I will test for you and let you know tomorrow.

I used picoreplayer once and moode seems very similar in features