Moon phase percentage in moon integration

I would like the moon phase percentage to be added as an entity in the moon integration.

I have 100 images of moon phases. I am now using the 8 phases that come out of the moon integration to roughly show the right phase. But with the percentage, I could select the right and make a much smoother moon transition.

This would allow me to mimic my old setup (I’m transitioning to HA)

Kind regards,


That is a very nice visualization and dashboard. Percentage does seem like a much simpler way to ‘know how bright the night is’ vs. waxing or waning :wink: and visual would definitely add a nice touch as you walk out the door or on a mobile HA app. Can you explain how the 100 images map to to a cycle of the moon, I think I get it as percentage of the cycle, just wondering if there was another way to map it? A cycle is about 29 days is it not?

Hi David,

It is indeed a very nice visualization. The Dashticz block for which I shared the link contains 100 images, named moon.xx.png where xx goes from 00 to 99. I copied those over to Home Assistant. So I can simply map the percentage to an image with some string magic :slight_smile:
I have done that now for the 8 phases, but it is quite crude.

Also if the percentage is available, it gives the flexibility to create your own moon based card or automation (e.g. for all the werewolfs out there ) more easy