Moorebot scout integration?

Is there an integration for the moorebot scout?

Their is one result for moorebot scout when searching. This thread.

So your answer appears to be no.

I was under the impression that this whole os was built around the concept of trying to figure out how to make things work to our expectations as opposed to the manufacturer, and trying to help people to understand how to do stuff. I emailed the manufacturer already and asked how to stream it to a computer. I think theirs a way, they mentioned it in the email but were not specific.

So to be clear, there is a full GitHub repository with code for the scout, and that could be used to make an Integration but there is no Integration currently.

For you and anyone else that’s a

Customer, I would suggest asking the mfgr to look into the works with home assistant program to see if their API would be compatible with HA.

Introducing the Works with Home Assistant program - Home Assistant.

The more of their customers that request this, the more likely it would happen…

The other way is to get someone to write something which 99% of the time is someone with the hardware or a desire to use the software and has the chops to write a custom Integration. If someone so chooses this can also be a core integration but that takes more work and commitment, There are thousands of core integrations, so it happens, but there are probably more custom ones than that because the entry bar is lower.

Yeah that’s kinda why I put it on here. I can’t make anyone do anything though. I asked them myself. Idk.