Mopar component question


The mopar component is up and running for me, however it isn’t returning the data I had hoped. I can see on the mopar website my charge state (Pacifica plug in hybrid).

So, how d I go about troubleshooting this to eventually make a suggestion to code correction? The way I see it there are a few possibilities:

  1. Mopar just returns the data pieces requested and I just need to request that one too in the .py file.

  2. Mopar doesn’t return it at all. Out of luck.

  3. Mopar returns it but the component wasn’t expecting it and doesn’t display it.

This will be my first foray into trying to understand and maybe even make a correction/enhancement to a component.

Try your log file.

I used the logger: config to set the sensor.2018_chrysler_pacifica to debug. Nothing in it hints at what data is pulled from the Mopar site.

Is there a more detailed log setup for the component I need?

I don’t think so. If I find anything I’ll post again.

From what I can see (and I am no expert!)

The HA mopar component code imports motorparts (a python library) version 1.0.2. via pip/pypi.

You can see here that vers 1.0.2 of motorparts was imported into pypi in Sept 2017.

But the code on motorparts github was updated on 5 November 2018 to rely on a newer version of the requests library, see

Whether this change of dependencies, which hasn’t made it into pypi and therefore not into HA makes a difference, I do not know. It may be worth you raising an issue on the home assistant github.