More Breaking Changes in 0.61 than documented

I upgraded to 0.61 and HA sits on the loading data screen indefinitely. Not sure what broke, but there’s nothing in the release notes that look like they would have affected me. Anyone else having issues with 0.61?

Check your error log.

run a config check…

I noticed it didn’t like explicit entity_id’s for all me sensors and binary_sensors; fixing that got it to load happily.

How do I run a config check or see the log if HA won’t start? I downgraded to 0.60.1 and everything runs fine.

The log file doesn’t need HA to start to be readable…

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Execute the following on the command line. If you didn’t source the activate script then you’ll either have to cd to where hass lives or write out the full path.

hass --script check_config

To view the logs you can use either a text editor or more. The log file lives in your configuration dirrectory.

Thanks for everyones help so far. From what I can tell it’s an issue running custom-ui since the only error that would impact this is a customizer error. And HA runs fine, it’s the Frontend that never seems to load. I’m going to disable my custom-ui and see if this makes a difference.

Did you update the customizer? A new update was pushed recently.

@arsaboo Yes, I’m running 20180114. But still getting a customized error and front end never comes up.

You have to manually update the two customizer files.

@arsaboo ok I’ll give that a try tonight. Thanks

@Jer78 check if you have broadlink switches and comment them. It appears that something broke broadlink component in 0.61.0 that prevents it to load FrontPage.

@Molodax No broadlink switches so it must be another component.
@arsaboo I updated the 2 customizer files and no longer get the error, so this is a step in the right direction.
@jwelter I commented out the entity_id’s on my sensors to eliminate that as a possibility too.

And after all of these, no errors in the log, just no loading the frontend. I can access the frontend on my Mac with Safari so long as I don’t refresh the tab. When a new one launches at startup it is stuck at the loading data screen and my iOS devices all have the same spinning wheel.

I’m stumped, but I’ll disable some components are see if I can find the culprit. Thanks for everyone’s suggestions!

Finally figured it out. 0.61 doesn’t like the todoist platform. I had seen errors with this platform, but there had always been errors, so this is why I didn’t think it was the problem. I’ll go report it to the owner that it officially broke in the new version and prevents the frontend from loading. Thanks everyone for your help! Much appreciated.

Its probably related a recent pull that affected todoist, broadlink etc. A fix due to be released with 0.61.1 should resolve this.:

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So even after updating to 0.61.1 and disabling problem components, I’m still getting random issues with displaying the front end. Some times for hours, it’s impossible to display it on my iPhone and then randomly starts working again. It’s hard to troubleshoot since there’s no particular log errors. Anyways, I’m just reverting back to 0.60.1. Just curious if anyone else is experiencing this too?

Do you use custom_ui?

@Lapatoc I do. Everything is updated to the latest but just randomly occurs. I do use the hosted method. I’m wondering if this is the issue. Never had a problem prior to 0.61 though.

I think this could be the issue. I’m also using hosted method. Sometimes interface is not loading. Circle is spinning and spinning. Only several page refresh helps or restarting browser.

The title of the post is misleading. If you are using custom_ui, which is not officially a part of HA, you cannot really blame HA for it :slight_smile: