More buttons in GUI to control a shutter (intermediate, ventilation, percent, ...)

I am using several Elero shutters in HA with this custom component: Elero USB Transmitter to control Elero and Weinor products

By default, the shutters are displayed like this in the HA GUI:

I would like to add more buttons to control more functions directly to the GUI. So additional to the commands “up”, “stop” and “down” I would like to have for example “intermediate position” and “ventilation position”. So something like “75%”.

So I would like to have something like this:

or this:

Does anybody has a good trick how this can be realized in the GUI LoveLace?

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That can only be done with a custom lovelace card. If your good at js, you can make it yourself. Otherwise you’ll have to search around and find a card that does it.

@andy-online My solution is some scripts on a button:

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This is a perfect solution! Thank you for that idea!