More Enocean featured devices


i wanna use Home Assistnat with my Enocean featured devices. like Eltako FUD61NP and FUD61NPN and BSC 300 USB Gateway, ANd also Nodon Smart Plug enocean featured. Currently iam only see messages when iam pressing buttons on my FT55 but i cant send anything from my HA system with the USB 300 dongle connected.

Will there be more support in the near future for Enocean otherwise i need to look into other software.


Hi, did you find some answers for enocean and Hass? I am also interested in using enocean, but looks like there is not a lot of support for this protocol. I would like to use thermostates to control underfloor heating with this protocol.

Hello enocean users,

what about the idea to assemble a list of all enocean devices that we have a demand for? I for example installed today an Eltako TF-1FT. For the moment it does not fully work as its “press” message as well as its “release” message seems to trigger an identical event. So I have a very flashy light switch at the moment… :wink:

I think we would need to the following information: manufacturer, device name and its data packets for the different kind of possible events.

# Manufacturer: Eltako
# Device: TF-1FT
# press_event: [0xf6', '0x10', '0x1', '0xa6', '0xf4', '0x2c', '0x20']
# release_event: ['0xf6',  '0x0', '0x1', '0xa6', '0xf4', '0x2c', '0x20']

:slight_smile: stefan