More Functionality for New data tables

I love the new data tables, labels, categories etc! its allowing m to fix up, organise etc. Im always finding better ways to manage my devices, entities

below are some wish list items

  • It would be great to come how update entity name and friendly name… no idea how. But as you now have a solid naming convention helps.
  • Can we look at the ability when selecting entities, to mass update the icons?
  • Can we also look at a expand and collapse all for Grouped items
  • When adding a label to selected items can we have a a mini search bar at the top as our labels grow.
    when you have selected some entities could we display * the number of entities selected?
  • Be able to only select a group, ie when grouping by domains. Right now if i select all, it selects all on the page.

There are some new features in 2024.5, which is in the verge of release.

yeah i know im part of beta, none of these are in it that i can see or read and i just updated