More HVAC Stats?

I’m a relatively new HA user… I’m currently using the Thermostat card for integration with my Honeywell T9 stat and display on my dashboard. I’m looking to generate more detailed daily runtime stats between certain hours of the day.

I would like to know how often my system cycles between 8am and 5pm. For example: Between 8am and 5pm the system cycled approximately 2.5 times per hour. I want to use this information to optimize my system.

I don’t know how to write HA scripts but I can hack up YAML if I have a few examples!

Can anyone point me towards similar examples?

take a look at this:

and see if it functionally provides what you’re looking for. that page doesn’t have a ton of samples to hack up, but there are lots of samples in this forum and folks to help if this does what you want.