More options for visualising binary or categorical sensors

I’ve been using the built-in history-graph card and recently started using the mini-graph-card custom card to display binary sensors (on/off, etc.) and categorical sensors (e.g. activity being stationary/walking/running/driving, etc.).

The former has very few options to customise it (e.g. you can’t change the colours and the label isn’t made to fit if it’s slightly too long).

I’m not sure the latter works well for me either (at least not visually). While it’s possible to use it to display binary sensors, it is clearly not the original intention. Otherwise, it’s a great card and I’m primarily using it for all other graphs.

I like the horizontal bar of the former more (compared to the latter’s translucent overlaid plots), as well as the tooltip which will highlight a whole period for a state with a start and end time.

So, it seems like I’m stuck between two options…

I would like to know if there is anybody out there that have suggestions or are aware of other options that I may not be aware of.