More supported RFXTRX sensor data types

My personal weather station sensors provide more information that I can currently add with the available data_type options. I would like to help and add more data types.

Since I’m pretty new to HA, where to start?

Rain: rain_total (mm)
Wind: wind_speed (Kph)
General: battery (%)

cc @Danielhiversen

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You need to add support for it to the library we are using

Would that be around this line:

Browsing that code and looking at the sensor attributes in HA, I can see that a number of values are already in the library. I need / like to have them as separate sensors in HA, so they should be added to the sensor.rfxtrx component, don’t they?

Looks like the library does have the necessary sensor packet types :wink:

    if isinstance(pkt, lowlevel.Rain):
        self.values['Rain rate'] = pkt.rainrate
        self.values['Rain total'] = pkt.raintotal
    if isinstance(pkt, lowlevel.Wind):
        self.values['Wind direction'] = pkt.direction
        self.values['Wind average speed'] = pkt.average_speed
        self.values['Wind gust'] = pkt.gust
        self.values['Temperature'] = pkt.temperature
        self.values['Chill'] = pkt.chill

I have not been around lately. Has this been fixed in the meantime?

I’m interested in this functionality as well. I have a rainmeter that I have added as a rfxtrx sensor. It’s a
Oregon PCR800. I can use the “Rain rate” datatype but I can not access the “Rain total” data the sensor delivers, as a own datatype. Is it possible to do this?
sensor.rain_cum_rain_rate 0.0
Rain rate: 0
Rain total: 75.6
Battery numeric: 9
Rssi numeric: 7
friendly_name: rain_cum Rain rate

Got it. Figured out hot to access it with template sensor and sensor attribute data:
value_template: '{{ states.sensor.rain_cum_rain_rate.attributes["Rain total"] }}'

I also have a wish more data types for RFXTRX.

Since the data is visable in HA (they are displayed if you select the sensor), but can’t be added as own sensors I think it should be a easy fix?

Can the file:


be updated with som more data types from today’s list:

DATA_TYPES = OrderedDict([
(‘Temperature’, TEMP_CELSIUS),
(‘Temperature2’, TEMP_CELSIUS),
(‘Humidity’, ‘%’),
(‘Barometer’, ‘’),
(‘Wind direction’, ‘’),
(‘Rain rate’, ‘’),
(‘Energy usage’, POWER_WATT),
(‘Total usage’, POWER_WATT),
(‘Sound’, ‘’),
(‘Sensor Status’, ‘’),
(‘Counter value’, ‘’),
(‘UV’, ‘uv’)])

To include some more of the supported types:

My sensor is also sending (Oregon WGR800, wind sensor- displayed in HA when displaying data from the sensor) the following:

Wind average speed
Wind gust
Battery numeric

I think the complete list of supported data types for the component is listed in the “SensorEvent class” in:

Did you have any success with this? A friend have me an Oregon Wgr800 and I am on my way home to check it out with Rfxcom and Home Assistant

The Wgr800 included fine with hass/Rfxtrx433. I use template sensors to show all attributes as sensors. But the Temperature and Chill attributes do not seem to update and keep reporting a fixed value that makes no sense to me. Will start a new thread on that one.

Daniel has made an update :slight_smile: