More than 300 guides showing how to flash Tuya devices

Hello, we’ve been working on new Tuya device guides/teardowns/tutorials list for last few years, and it recently reached over 300 device entries:

Our list features IoT devices with mostly ESP8266/ESP8285/BK7231 modules, but more rare ones like BL602, etc are also included - our Tasmota-compatible firmware, OpenBeken, runs on all of them (as it’s multiplatform):

If you are looking for a device to buy or a help in flashing, please check out our list, it can be easily searched by model name, manufacturer, tags and WiFi module inside (module names like CB2S, CB3S, etc are also working)

Our guides will help you to free the IoT device from the cloud and run it 100% local, regain your privacy.

List also often includes Yaml configs and tricks to get device working with Home Assistant.

Remember that you can also submit a new teardown/device guide and get a free gift from us:

Thank you for all your submissions so far. Let’s get all those devices running fully cloudfree together!