More than one (2 or 3) iOS devices to HomeAssistant Bridge

I have HA running on Virtual Machine for the tests. I have also 2 iPhones - 8 Plus and 12 Mini, as well as one old iPad. When I connect only one of the iPhones everything is ok. When I add the iPad, the iPhone disconnects and disappear. When i add again the iPhone, iPad disappears. In the configuration of the first Bridge 21064 i have chosen in HomeKit Mod: Bridge, which I think is the correct configuration.

HASS Bridge:21064
Home Assistant Bridge:21063

Why there are 2 bridges, which one is really needed?
What shall I do in order to add more than one iOS device?

Thanks in advance!

Maybe it’s known issue, ipad is with older iOS version. I will try to disable Home in the device iCloud settings: