More values from Trafikverket API

I just started using the Trafikverket module with their API. It works just fine to get either road or air temperatures,
but when using their map I can also see if it’s raining at that location or not, and what type of rain it is.

How can I get those values into Home Assistant?

Hi, This is updated in the coming release. You will be able to get the following values (if it is available at the weather station you select)
Note that you will need to update your configuration since the new code uses a different structure to retreive the sensor data.

You will only need one sensor per station and then you tell what values you wish to retrieve from that station.

     - air_temp
     - road_temp
     - humidity
     - precipitation
     - wind_direction
     - wind_direction_text
     - wind_speed

Great! When will you release the update?

It is merged in to development branch of home assistant so when the next release of home assistant is published it will most likely be included and available. Keep a lookout in the release notes.
If it is included in next release it’s about a week away i would guess.


Thanks for this!

But I could not find anything in the release notes for 0.77.3, so I assume we’re talking the next version after that?

Yes, the minor releases has no breaking changes as far as I understand… so 0.78.0 seems to have this included. :taco: