Mosquito MQTT Broker wont start but works

Hi…I am kinda lost …

I have HA working well on a Pi4 an it is working well.
Lately i wanted to install Z2Mqtt but it wont start. Then i checked the Mosquito Broker and it was closed too.
And i cannot start it!
I checked the protocol and it said it is started.
I have a Door lock connected via MQTT and it is working too.
But the MQTT broker wont start.

any ideas?

Check what broker the door lock is connected to.

Its a Nuki lock and i can see it in the MQTT intigration,
is that what you need to know?

If your Nuki lock works over MQTT, and your Mosquitto broker won’t start, your Nuki lock is probably connected to another broker. Check which broker that is.