Mosquito Setup issues

Hey everyone, I have a quick question that I am sure will be easily answered by someone here. As a newb I am having som issues using Mosquitto. I thought I had it set up, based on watching a video from “The Hook Up” but then I didnt know how to use it. So, now I have my HA secure tthrough duckdns. I would like to use MQTT with node red for shelly and wyze automations. However, I dont know how.

I downloaded MQTT Explorer to try to see if my MQTT was working but I am not able to connect.

If there is any information or a step by step how to on setting up and configuring Mosquitto and seeing if it works and what devices are able to be used, it would be incredibly helpful. Thanks

How did you install mosquitto?
First you have to connect to the MQTT broker and then you have to Publish a topic and then Subscribe to it to validate it works.
HA in the dev tools has a tab to send test packets and most apps do as well.
In node red you’ll need to install a supplemental MQTT broker likely as well.
I have my garage as my only MQTT integration but I guess I could have used some ‘attributes’ from some of the state values I wanted from HA but this was less intuitive and I just got the data directly from MQTT instead.
on iOS MQTT tool is pretty straightforward easy to use.

Hey, I had it set and finally got MQTT explorer working. But I now dint even see MQTT in Dev tools. I guess I need to uninstall and try again.



I think you need to provide more detail for anyone to help you. Whats the config yaml entry look like?
MQTT would need to be correct, authentication…etc before the tab shows up in dev tools.

Fair enough. I thought I had it working. Here’s the log. Not sure if I should uninstall and try agai but the log seems ok. But, admittedly, I’m a noob and trying to figure it out.

The MQTT tab got removed if you updated to latest HA. Its now in the MQTT integration itself which is really kinda weird. It was in the change log.