Mosquitto 5.1 Do I need to create a user ot not?

Just installed Mosquitto add-on
Do I need to create a Homeassistant User or can I just use “anonymous”: true,?
or would it be best practice to create a user?
If I create a user then do I need to create the ACL?

Reason I ask is under the known issues and limitations it states:
Since version 4.1 of the add-on, an explicit ACL definition is now required if you plan to use legacy logins and "anonymous": true .

Logs are showing new clients connecting.

Followed these instructions!
the key is to remove the auto added MQTT and manually add the integration with the Plus Symbol

My problem is, that I always get an error when I try to create a new user :frowning:
I restarted the whole system, but no result.
Do you have any idea?