Mosquitto add-on and bridge, need some help


I have a remote site running it’s own independent Hassio, and the remote site is connected through VPN. Ive found several articles about possibility to connect two brokers through bridging but I can’t get it to work running my local broker as Hassio add-on (the remote broker also run as a Hassio add-on).

Could anybody assist me in getting this up and running?

The simple configuration found from steves-internet-guide should be

connection bridge-01
address 192.168.xx.xx:1883
topic # out 0
topic # in 0

But where should I put this ?


In the add-on configuration, change active: from false to true :

  active: true
  folder: mosquitto

then create the following directory:


and add mosquitto.conf to it, containing

connection bridge-01
address 192.168.xx.xx:1883
topic # out 0
topic # in 0

Then restart the add-on


Hi Francis,

I’m running Hassio on a NUC with Ubuntu.
Can I even if running Hassio and Mosquitto as an Add-on, do the procedure you suggested?

Are you using the mosquitto add-on, or mosquitto as a separate install ? The procedure above is for the add-on, if you just run mosquitto, add these line to /etc/mosquitto/mosquitto.conf.

Thanks a lot bud, that sorted it!
Wow, information are flowing in :smiley:


I do see all sensors etc show up on my local Hassio and I can controll ligts, switches etc.
But, there is an issue which I do not understand and hope you could elaborate;

I use a TTS service through the app Ariela.
I can do an MQTT Publish from my local hassio like this;

topic: ariela/tts/android_arielam30_tts/tts
payload: 'Hi, this is a test'

…and it works perfect.

If I send the same MQTT Publish from my remote, there is no message spoken.

I can see in MQTT Explorer at the local end that I receive the publication, but there is no sound.
What am I missing?

I can add as a note that what I see when I do the publish locally is the 100% same as I see when I do the MQTT Publish from the remote site, except - No TTS spoken…

No idea. TTS creates a local mp3, maybe that is the problem ? I don’t use TTS myself.

Doesn’t make sense. Locally the MQTT Publish sends the command to the Broker and Ariela APP picks it up and speak the TTS message…

Could you skip the VPN an connect thru internet too? I’m trying to connect to a rabbitMQ but get socket error what ever I do. Does anyone have something what can help me?

Of course it will work over regular internet - that is how I normally receive my TTS messages :slight_smile: Or what is it you want to achieve ?

The answer by @francisp worked for me with a small change.
I’m using the VSCode plugin for HASSIO and the location of the mosquitto.conf wasn’t quite the same (well it might be on the relevant container but not from VSCode’s point of view). Instead from VSCode I told it to open a folder /root/ which is the folder above the normal config folder that is open by default in the VSCode plugin. Then I added a share/mosquitto sub-folder and placed the mosquitto.conf file in there.

Hope that helps anyone in the same situation. :slight_smile:

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