Mosquitto add-on install - no integration shows

I am trying to install Mosquitto as a prerequisite for installing another add-on (GivTCP).

I have follwed a guide on YouTube by “Speak to the Geek”. He says - and the Mosquitto documentation agrees - that after starting the service it should show up on the Integrations page. It doesn’t.

From the documentation:
" To use the Mosquitto as a broker, go to the integration page and install the configuration with one click:

1. Navigate in your Home Assistant frontend to SettingsDevices & ServicesIntegrations.
2. MQTT should appear as a discovered integration at the top of the page
3. Select it and check the box to enable MQTT discovery if desired, and hit submit.

This isn’t happening and if I ignore this and carry on with the installation of the GivTCP add-on, that doesn’t work either - I assume because there is something wrong with Mosquitto .

Can anyone help please?

If it’s any help, my GivTCP add-on - which I installed using the same Speak to the Geek instructions - stopped working today when I upgraded Mosquitto to version 6.2.0.

All devices and entities previously created for GivTCP via MQTT just vanished after the upgrade. Downgrading Mosquitto to v6.1.3 solved the problem.

That said I’m not sure how you can force a downgrade in your situation. I had a previous backup I could restore, then I turned off auto-update for Mosquitto so it didn’t happen again.

That’s very interesting - thank you! I don’t know how to downgrade either but I will certainly look into it.

You can search for the mqtt integration on the Devices and Services page and add it manually.

There are reports all over the place of Mosquitto stuff breaking with 6.2.0, a bug report on their git repo does seem to contain a workaround but personally I’ll probably wait until the push out a fixed version.