Mosquitto Broker has no communication with the client

Hello everyone. I need some help.
So far the installation of Homeassistant has worked well. Now things are coming to a bit of a halt.
I’m in the process of reading the electricity meter with a Tasmota reading head.
The reading head works and sends the data (it can be reached via the IP and the protocol also shows that it sends in a 120 minute rhythm.
From what I read the username, password and port are correct. (Homeassistant accepts this) but I get the error message that it is stopping the connection because there are a number of protocol errors.
Does anyone know what I’m doing wrong?
Protocol Homeassistant:
2024-04-08 22:34:16: New connection from on port 1883.
2024-04-08 22:34:16: Client disconnected due to protocol error.
Protokoll ESP32 bitShake reader:
22:22:10.535 MQT: Attempting to connect…
22:22:10.555 MQT: TLS connection error: 0
22:22:10.557 MQT: Connection failed due to, rc -2. Try again in 120 s

I have a few questions.

  • Is Mosquitto running as add-on inside Home-Assistant or on a separate machine?
  • Can you share a screen shot of your Mosquitto configuration.
  • Have you tested the MQTT connection from a separate client like MQTT Explorer. That’s a great tool for troubleshooting the mqtt activity between clients & the broker.

Hello, thank you for your support. After couple more try and obserfation I found the problem.
My mistake. I ask the MQTT transmitter to send as TLS format. with the The Brocer can’t read.

I am sorry for asking easy settings.
Best regards,

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No problems. Happy to help.