Mosquitto broker publish (unwanted) all component values

Hi folks,

I use the Mosquitto addon with hassio to read the data from my Smappee energy monitor and this works fine for me BUT if I sniff all mqtt topic I saw a lot of unwanted topic on the network. It seems Mosquitto send all my home assistant values out … and I have absolut no idea why … In the screenshot are only a part of the unwanted topic … only the green one are the real topic from Smappee … I post also the Mosquito config in Hassio … hope someone have an idea whats happend …


Special “state” topic which is in front of all the unwanted payloads is only used with a mqtt binary sensor:


But if I disable this binary sensor in configuration.yaml it is exactly the same behavior … really strange !!

Could be your broker username.

For the internal ecosystem we register homeassistant and addons , so these may not be used as user names.
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