Mosquitto Broker $SYS filling up... 75,000 messages in a few hours

Tried to debug this using MQTT Explorer but there’s just not much to go on… How can i trace where these are coming from?

Anyone seen this? It’s like random metrics flooding in…

$SYS isn’t a real topic, it’s a virtual topic created by the broker for internal debugging and monitoring its own state. No one actually sends these messages, they don’t exist on the network unless you explicitly subscribe to it. Essentially, don’t worry about them.

@HeyImAlex - Thanks for explaining!

Wouldn’t recieving 83000 in the last 12hrs seem a bit excessive for a broker that has 2 lightswitches going through it though? And maybe point towards an internal problem with my config… or is that a perfectly acceptable amount for 12hrs?

Feel like excessive traffic/noise a little, what do you think?

There’s no traffic. These ‘messages’ are never sent anywhere, unless you explicitly subscribe to them for debugging purposes (like MQTT explorer does). They will never appear on your network during normal operation.

They aren’t stored anywhere either, so nothing is filling up. It’s perfectly normal, nothing to worry about. It’s just internal broker statistics.

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Thanks Alexa! Appreciated.