Mosquitto installation - where is mosquitto.conf

I installed mosquitto via the developer tab in HA GUI and this is what I get in the log

[19:06:20] INFO: Setup mosquitto configuration
[19:06:20] WARNING: SSL not enabled - No valid certs found!
[19:06:20] INFO: No local user available
[19:06:20] INFO: Initialize system configuration.
[19:06:20] INFO: Initialize Add-on services
[19:06:21] INFO: Initialize Home Assistant discovery
[19:06:21] INFO: Start Mosquitto daemon
1600419981: mosquitto version 1.6.3 starting
1600419981: Config loaded from /etc/mosquitto.conf.
1600419981: Loading plugin: /usr/share/mosquitto/
1600419981:  ├── Username/password checking enabled.
1600419981:  ├── TLS-PSK checking enabled.
1600419981:  └── Extended authentication not enabled.
1600419981: |-- *** auth-plug: startup
1600419981: Opening ipv4 listen socket on port 1883.
1600419981: Opening ipv6 listen socket on port 1883.
1600419981: Opening websockets listen socket on port 1884.
1600419981: Warning: Mosquitto should not be run as root/administrator.

when trying to access mosquitto.conf for some changes I can’t find it. I also can’t find /usr/share/mosquitto/

Where is this installed?