Mosquitto MQTT integration issue

Hello everyone :slight_smile:,
I have an issue connecting Home Assistant to a TLS enabled Mosquitto MQTT server.
I am using linuxserver/homeassistant and eclipse-mosquitto docker containers.

On the MQTT server I have:

  1. Configured the broker to use TLS security [ref]
  2. Added a user in password_file [ref]
  3. Tested the setup using MQTT.fx 1.7.1 (properly connects using TLS usind the above created .ca certificate file)

On the Home-Assistant server I have:

  1. Added the certificate path to configuration.yaml [ref]

The MQTT server is discovered and I am configuring the integration but the connection fails.

The MQTT container log:

1650914314: New connection from on port 8883.
1650914314: OpenSSL Error[0]: error:1404A3F2:SSL routines:ST_ACCEPT:sslv3 alert unexpected message
1650914314: Client <unknown> disconnected: Protocol error.
1650914317: Client connection from failed: error:02FFF020:system library:func(4095):Broken pipe.

Why? HA provides perfectly good images.

I know but I am out of hardware and running the image on my QNAP.

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I installed Home Assistant OS on a VM in order to use the addons