Mosquitto not working with AIO installer

I’ve run into two issue with the AIO installer and mosquitto:

  1. the mosquitto config generated in configuration.yaml is 4 spaces to the right (easily fixed)
  2. I get: mosquitto: command not found.

This is a clean install on RASPBIAN JESSIE WITH PIXEL 2016-11-25 version, and 34.2 of HA, with nothing changed other than I set a different password for raspbian before I installed HA.

Anybody else?

AIO doesn’t work well for Jessie, only for Jessie Lite (with no GUI, of course…), at least this was my case and I have read here similar problems.
I have tested with success the installation of HA using AIO on Jessie Lite and the manual installation on Jessie. Here, on Jessie I am using its internal mqtt broker which is just fine.
Please take care: the AIO install mosquitto with user and password, so all devices must provide credentials in order to connect to the broker.

@JoRoCoBo I’m not sure how long it’s been since you’ve tried, but AIO installer should work fine on Jessie out of the box now (1/5/17). My base install used it today and mosquito is running great. Give it shot from scratch and let me know if you want to see what I’m doing differently.

Thanks @AceoStar, I’ll give it a try.