Mosquitto Server Websockets SSL config - Help Needed

I installed mosquitto add-on yesterday and I tried to recreate my mosquitto server config into the Add-on without success. This is my previous config:

persistence false
allow_anonymous true

listener 1883
protocol mqtt
socket_domain ipv4
log_type all debug

listener 9001
protocol websockets
socket_domain ipv4
log_type all
websockets_log_level 255

certfile /etc/mosquitto/certs/cert.pem
cafile /etc/mosquitto/certs/fullchain.pem
keyfile /etc/mosquitto/certs/privkey.pem

I have a weather station software called weewx and it has the ability to send mqtt messages to a server and external webserver (cloud) that needs to make a connection to the mosquitto server via websockets SSL

I was able to config the certificates but if If I enable them in the HA Mosquitto Add-on, both listeners 1883 and 8884 make use of the certificates. Is there a way to use SSL only with websockets protocol.
After some work I was able to send messages for mqtt protocol even with certificates but I couldn’t make it for websockets

I created a file myconfig.conf in /share/mosquitto with:
persistence false
allow_anonymous true
Mosquitto YAML file is the following

  • username: usr1
    password: pwd1
  • username: usr2
    password: pwd2
    require_certificate: true
    certfile: fullchain.pem
    keyfile: privkey.pem
    active: true
    folder: mosquitto