Mosquitto, where to change the configuration?


I try to connect an Victron Venus OS installation to my Home Assistent by mqtt. I found this very helpfull blog to set up the mqtt bridge.

But I can not find the configuration file like described in the tutorial

"Once installed, you can go to the configuration tab and add this:

active: true
folder: mosquitto

I use HA 2022.7.3 and my mosquitto configuration tab looks like this

perhaps in an older version there was an config file?
Where to set this configuration?


What you’re looking at there is the MQTT integration (you need this too.) What you need to install is Mosquitto - go to Settings → addons → add-on store and search for “mosquitto”. Once installed, you should see the addon along with its configuration tab.

Thanks, perfect. I did not see that there is an config at addons.