Most basic configuration of node-red-contrib-zwave-js

I’m desperately looking for the proper configuration for Serial Port in node-red-contrib-zwave-js

I added node-red-contrib-zwave-js to my palette, scanned the config docs and created a flow that included solely the ZWave Controller with (as per the docs) the Serial Port of “/dev/ttyACM0”. I deploy and the ZWave Controller attempts to start, then Node-Red becomes unresponsive. All of Node-Red just craps the bed. Won’t restart, logs stop at “Starting …”

I dropped Node-Red into Safe Mode and removed the “/dev/ttyACM0” from Serial Port. Node-Red starts up no problem, but (obviously) ZWave isn’t connected.

The docs are wholly lacking on how to make the decision on what is the proper “Serial Port” (cuz “/dev/ttyACM0” isn’t a Serial Port in the first place). It just says, probably /dev/ttyACM0 … and if that doesn’t work?


Someone please pull my head out of my …

What OS is your Node-Red machine running on? Because I’m pretty sure that /dev/ttyACM0 is a way to address a serial port on Unix/Linux.

What are you trying to achieve by running ZWaveJS through Node-Red rather than in one of the more common methods that Home-Assistant users use?