Most Matter Thread Devices go offline after Matter Server - resolved by restarting matter radios on shade

Hi there
I currently have a small network of ~15 matter devices (smartwings matter shades) using the Skyconnect dongle. The network and range is great however I have this sporadic issue (seems to trigger when I update the matter server or perhaps its home assistant itself) where most of my network goes offline. FYI all of my devices are battery operated (so are not repeaters).
For e.g. when I just updated to Matter 6.2.1 out of my 15 device network only 5 came back online. The matter addon still remembers the offline nodes (and it seems that they are still routable), but I see these error messages in the matter addon logs…
Any ideas on how to troubleshoot further? I really don’t want to get on ladders and pair my ~12 devices again.

2024-07-04 08:38:54.909 (Dummy-2) CHIP_ERROR [chip.native.SC] Received error (protocol code 2) during pairing process: src/protocols/secure_channel/CASESession.cpp:1980: CHIP Error 0x00000054: Invalid CASE parameter

I already tried restoring the original matter server and home assistant version , but most of the network is still showing offline.

Bumping for visibility

I solved it by using the matter controller reboot procedure (not reset). As my individual shade matter controllers rebooted, they came back online.

My hunch is that matter depends on some sort of message sequence is and by updating matter server, it got out of sync. And when I rebooted the matter controller on the shades, the sequence disconnect was resolved and the shades came back online