Most reliable smart light brands

Hi everyone,

which of the smart light brands do you find most reliable?

I have a bunch of Yeelight ceiling lights, color and filament light bulbs. I like their design and competitive price, but unfortunately, they are terribly unreliable and need frequent power cycling to work. Since I have so many, almost every day one of them has lost its connection (appears as offline/unavailable) and needs to be power cycled to reconnect, which is quite frustrating.

So obviously I’m looking for a system that just works without frequent intervention. Which brands should I consider or stay away from?

I’ve never had an issue with my 50 Lifx lights.

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Philips HUE lights, but they are expensive
WiZ lights, work well

Thanks, WiZ looks great but not yet fully supported by HA it seems. What’s the experience like with the custom component? Does it “just work” or did you have to fiddle with it?

I have several WiZ GU10 lights in the ceiling.
Automation options to turn off, on, change colors and brightness.
I have installed my own storage under HACS and they work reliably.

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