Mostly for Danes - any "fjernvarmeanlæg" that works with home assistant?

As the headline says.

We’re finally getting fjernvarme (district heating), and have our introduction meeting soon.

Are there any “fjernvarmeanlæg” that can work with home assistant?

If so, any experience with them? Any that anyone can recommend?

You just control each room with thermostats.
I have chosen a Homemaric IP system bought over, since the national dealers are way too expensive.

Danfoss make some too and there should be alotbof zwave and ZigBee options too.
Homemaric requires a hub or a special usb stick.
Danfoss should be ZigBee compatible, but Danfoss is pretty closed with their development of their products.

Thanks for the suggestion, I do already have individual radiator valves (mix of Danfoss Zigbee and Fibaro Z-wave, and a few Danfoss BLE I haven’t bothered to set up yet), and I agree, that works fairly well.

But I was hoping for something to be able to monitor usage of (and maybe also control?) the central part (“fjernvarmeanlæg”) for total use, both radiator and hot water heating. So it’s more for monitoring and integrating into the energy dashboard (the old natural gas usage integrates just fine).

And since we’re unlikely to change it once it’s installed, now is the time :slightly_smiling_face:

So you want to monitor the meters?
I think there is a law that state that consumers must get access to read outs of meters.
I know a lot of Kamstrups meters have pinouts for this and there are also ready-made devices to connect on some of this pinouts.

Neat, I’ll look into that a bit. Thanks.

If course, if anyone has additional insight, feel free to add.


Due to old age, my supplier changed the meter in my house to this model, Diehl 775.
I asked if it was possible to get a WIFI reading out of the unit, the supplier told me that it was possible, but it had to be done by the supplier.
My guess is that it is possible to make yourself, but they do not like people to mess around with the unit.

Find out what meter you got, and read the manual, to see if there are some type of outputs.

We don’t have any, but have a meeting in a months time to find out how/what/etc. I was hoping to be prepared, with a suggestion for them by then (since they probably only know what has WiFi, not what plays nice with home assistant):slightly_smiling_face:

Do not expect WiFi at all.
You will most likely get the same access way they have, which can be LoRa or something similar.
WiFi requires an AP to work.

Sometimes there are just pins and you have to make or buy a board that can read these pins, bit then you can choose your own protocol.
Kampstrup meters have a ready made board, but it is pretty expensive.
There are ESPhome boards though.

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BTW, I’d recommend anyone using district heating (“fjernvarme”) to vote for this “Month of WTH” post about getting district heating into the energy dashboard.