WTH. Ability to include district heating in Energy Dashboard

A lot of users in Europe (northern part) use district heating to warm up our houses. We cannot include that in the energy dashboard.
There is a Home Assistant add-on called Wmbusmeters that make it possible to get data through Mbus, so it is rather easy to get data from the official meter to HA through MQTT.

If it is not possible le to include district heating as an option it should at least be possible to edit the titles
in energy dashboard so that you can change the labels from “gas” to “district heating” yourself.
I love the focus from Home Assistant on energy savings, but miss this feature (Winter is coming)
/Lars (Denmark)

+1 !

Btw Lars, I have a Landis Gyr Ultra Heat T550 meter. Do you know how to access the meter’s data through the mbus interface? Is it generally accessible on the heat meters? My meter is locked and sealed, so I can’t access the inside.

AFAIK the only way to access data on the T550 is through the optical IR interface.

It’s just silly to not be able to even choose the heating method between gas/oil/district heating etc. Or heck, have it source agnostic and just call it heating! :smiley:

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This is a WTH for sure.

Even better would be to add possibility to add any energy source (not only as individual device), comparable to electricity, gas, solar panels etc. There will be more of these coming in the future and why not to let users add and name them as they wish?

Thanks for an awesome software!

/Mikko (Finland)

There is a pulse module available too with separate outputs for kWh/MWh and m3. I got one (for free) just by asking my local energy company! Although I’m still using the IR as it works ok.


Unfortunately, there doesn’t seem to be an easy way to enter historical consumption in HA either.
It would therefore certainly make sense to use the above-mentioned designation, but also a simple input mask:
Scheme: reading date / meter reading
In this way, meter readings could also be recorded and used for comparison at a later date.
Unfortunately, not every meter can be read automatically, so a simple manual option would be very important.

Thank you to everyone involved in the wonderful development of HA.