Mostly pure black UI with only thin lines?

Hi All,

I recently bought some oled tablets that are about to show up (Lenovo Duet 5). I’ve been putting off buying a new tablet for HA for a couple years in hopes that oled would drop in price/become more popular. The reason why I wanted oled so bad is for night time. Having a backlight, even with decent contrast ratio is still too bright IMO for a tablet next to a bed, for example.

I am wondering if anyone knows of ultra-dark/black UI/front end options for home assistant. What I have envisioned is a black background with buttons that mostly consist of a-few-pixel-wide lines to show their shape. I googled and found some -darker- options but not -black-.

Maybe such a thing does not exist. In which case, I am wondering if there are any options out there to build your own for a layman.