Motion activated light Blueprint with time conditions not working for me

I first successfully implemented a basic Motion Activated Light blueprint for the master bathroom that works flawlessly.

The next step was to use a blueprint where I could add a condition to not turn on after bedtime and not before awake, so that the light wouldn’t wake my wife or I if the other got up for a bathroom visit during the night.

I filled out this blueprint, though it does not work at all (e.g., the light never comes on)

I’ve used the AwakeTime and BedTime entities in other automations and they work fine in those instances.

One odd behavior of the the above blueprint interface is the Before field always shows blank each time I call it back up to edit, though the field is populated when I call up the step details (icon of clock with circular arrow).

I’m obviously doing something wrong, but can’t figure out what.

P.S., I have a number of other images show more blueprint info, but can only post one image as a new user

And here is the code to the more basic motion trigger automation that works;

I switched to a different blueprint and have successfully implemented the motion triggered light that is disabled during sleep times.

The blueprint that works is labeled “Turn on light, switch, scene, script or group based on motion and illuminance.”