Motion - automation - blueprint

there is a motion blueprint, but there is no way to set specific color/brightness of the light ;/ also no way to set conditions as activate after specific hour etc.

in manual/other automation i was able to do this using

any idea? thanks

You will want to use Action type: Call service and as service: Light: Turn on at action instead of Device. Then you’ll have all the options for setting the light just the way you want.

@dujith but in the blueprint you cant set these / nor conditions etc. correct?

Correct, that specific blueprint is very limited and is just meant as a simple way to use motion detection.
You can try and look for one that is better suited for you: Blueprints Exchange - Home Assistant Community
But best bet is learning how to make these automations yourself.
As you saw for yourself, there are alot more options to controll your automation.
And if you create a good automation, you can make a blueprint yourself to implement it multiple times for ease of use.
Blueprint tutorial - Home Assistant
That will require some more practice and knowing how to code them in yaml :smiley: fun stuff