Motion colors inverted (clear=red, motion=green), Other bars to (safe=red?)

Since I switched to hassio all my motion binary sensor have inverted their color.

I now get a clear with red color bar and a motion with green color bar clicking one of my motion sensors in the ui to show the history (24h) :confused:

Besides that I enjoying hassio very much! :+1:

Although you did not say, I will assume you moved from a Home Assistant install to Hassio.
Did you have a custom Lovelace theme when you used HA ?
A custom theme may be able to accomplish this.

Yes - I’m coming from a python environment install to a hassio install.

I didn’t had any custom lovelace themes (not before, not after). Always went with the default one.

It’s weird because the color is really for every single motion sensor inverted…

still inverted - still weird :confused:

Same here.

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congratulations! :poop:

Is it a feature or a bug? :beetle:

Are you accidentally using esphome and having a binary sensor inverted? :face_with_monocle: But no… nothing to do with that…

New test with meteoalarm component:


I’m certainly save that safe shouldn’t be red - right? :roll_eyes:

Same issue here. When my doors are closed (they are set up as binary sensors) the state in the GUI is correct (open/close icons, open icon is yellow), but in the history, open shows up as green and closed as red. That seems off …

I am running HA 0.91.2 as a manual setup on Raspbian.

Contribute to this issue here to let the dev’s know their is something wrong! Hope we get a fix soon :upside_down_face:

Unfortunately the issue mentioned above has been closed, but this problem has still not been resolved - I’m on Home Assistant 0.106.6 and the colors are still wrong for binary sensors.

yea… some thing’s stay broken forever sadly :roll_eyes:

I am having the same issue except I am running in a virtual python environment. Did anyone ever resolve this?