Motion defaults to detected when battery dies

Does anyone else experience this? my z-wave Motion sensor defaults to detected when battery dies and at the same time cause my automation to trigger too. it happens with multiple brands. it keeps it in a detected state until you change the battery. Not good when I go on vacation and it happens to keep my lights on the whole time.

There should be a button entity in home assistant you can use to manually set it or automatically via an automation. For me I disable light automations when I’m away and instead generate alerts from the motion sensors for intrusion detection.

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Actually, one of my motion sensors has been generating frequent false motion detected events lately. I noticed because that one drives an automation that turns on a light. Quite annoying. “By coincidence”, its battery died today so it could well have been what you’re talking about.

Hopefully, it will behave sensibly again now that it has a fresh battery.