Motion detection needs ZCL default response


I have installed a Frient motion detector through ZHA.

The motion sensor has two entities :

When motion is triggered, the two entities are set correclty. The problem is that the “motion” entity does not come back to default state (no motion)

After reading the supplier docs, I see that the motion state reset needs a ZCL default response in order to go back to default state (no motion). This is a kind of acknowledge from the coordinator side.

Here is the supplier specification :

The sensor requests ZCL Default Response on the Zone Status Change notification, if any new Alarm
bit has been set. Until the IAS CIE has acknowledged the received alarm by sending the mandated
Default Response, the Alarm bits are not cleared – even if there is no longer an alarm situation on
either tamper or movement. When the Default Response is received, a new Zone Status Change
notification is sent with the Alarm bits cleared, if the alarm situation has disappeared since sending the
Zone Status message with alarm set.

Using HA, I have tried to issue a command to cluster ‘status_change_notification’ with “0” as value but it does not seems to work, the value motion detection is not reset to default value (no motion)

Any help ?


here is the debug log at the instant of motion triggering :slight_smile:

2021-06-01 22:41:17 DEBUG (MainThread) [zigpy_xbee.api] Frame received: explicit_rx_indicator
2021-06-01 22:41:17 DEBUG (MainThread) [zigpy_xbee.api] _handle_explicit_rx: (00:15:bc:00:1a:01:ab:e7, 0xbcd7, 1, 1280, 0, b'09b30031000000f465')
2021-06-01 22:41:17 DEBUG (MainThread) [zigpy.zcl] [0xbcd7:35:0x0500] ZCL deserialize: <ZCLHeader frame_control=<FrameControl frame_type=CLUSTER_COMMAND manufacturer_specific=False is_reply=True disable_default_response=False> manufacturer=None tsn=179 command_id=0>
2021-06-01 22:41:17 DEBUG (MainThread) [zigpy.zcl] [0xbcd7:35:0x0500] ZCL request 0x0000: [<ZoneStatus.Restore_reports|Supervision_reports|Alarm_1: 49>, <bitmap8.0: 0>, 0, 26100]
2021-06-01 22:41:17 DEBUG (MainThread) [zigpy.zcl] [0xbcd7:35:0x0500] No handler for cluster command 0
2021-06-01 22:41:17 DEBUG (MainThread) [homeassistant.components.zha.core.channels.base] [0xBCD7:35:0x0500]: Updated alarm state: ZoneStatus.Alarm_1

In the deserialize, I see that:


But after :
No handler for cluster command 0

Maybe the issue comes from there?