Motion detection state not changing for trigger

I have run into a problem where I have automation based on a trigger on the state of zwave motion PIR.

Eventhough I set off the motion and I see the light indicator come on the PIR. Homeassistant does not change the state to: on.
It is always ‘off’

I have a veraplus that serves as my zwave hub and it changes state when I look in veraplus but homeassistant does not change state which does not trigger my automation.

Is there some settings I can change to have it working? I would prefer to have all my automation logic stored in home assistant and just user veraplus as the zwave bridge.

Some of the z-wave sensors I use don’t change the binary input your would expect. The zooz ones I have change the “burglar” portion of the sensor to an 8 when motion is detected.

So can you elaborate in more detail on how you deal with the motion sensor not changing it state which does not trigger an action because it never changes in home assistant

Bump… anyone has experienced this?

Just found this thread - just installed a z-wave pir, and its doing exactly the same - no detection showing. Is there any further info on how to sort this?

pir is a an Aerotech Multi Sensor - fyi all the sensors are working perfectly,