Motion, Light strength, Time and Duration

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This Blueprint allows you to set up motion triggered lamps with time contraint when it is active, the duration the lamp stays on and the percentage you want the lamps to glow at.

We use it as walking light when getting out of bed for the toilet. We like low ambient lighting so you can still see what you are doing whilst not to strong to blind you :stuck_out_tongue:



Hi, this i very nice. Just what I was looking for.
Would it be possible to add the feature to have a dim slider, before light.turn_off ?
So that the light would be able to dim to something less before Off
And have the light turn on With a duration of fx a second
kind regards

Hi Jesper. It is actually fairly easy to add this to the script. Infact, the service light.turn_off and light.turn_on already make use of the brightness_step and I would add this additional control to configure the stepping percentage (controlling how long and with what intesity the lamps would dim). Give me an hour to play around with the stepping option. I’ll whip up a file for you since it would be a small change.

Jesper, I’ve updated this particular script. See the following gist for that

This is I think the closest you would get to a software solution. I’ve also seen an interesting and different approach in the cookbook here. Anyway :slight_smile: Have fun!